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Central Coast Home & Outdoor Magazine

Bizassure Conference Package


CCHO Magazine was a 40 page monthly publication in the San Luis Obispo surrounding area that had editorials and tips on health, home life, and things to do outdoor in the community. Was priveleged to work along side such a team of great writers, and to be overseeing the layout, and advertising design for the entire publication. Below is just a sneak peak of what a few of the pages I designed.

Amity & Truce was an incredible project to be a part of with many young girls on the Central Coast, California combining networking with photographers, models, stylists and fashion designers to promote one of a kind vintage and thrift clothing items. The goal and target of the vision was to inspire girls to be unique and enjoy good finds that are not mass produced, as well as proceeds to go to girls in Thailand to help promote new start up businesses and dreams.

Amity & Truce Vintage Apparal

BizAssure is a company located outside Yosemite National Park, that is a consulting company for businesses and insurance companies providing marketing and tools to help increase income, equity and business enjoyment. I worked a longside the company doing marketing inhouse, then assisted with several projects, including their conference packaging that hosted over 200 business members and attendants. Enjoyed being challenged to produce a three page package that had to have a professional, clean-cut edge yet say fun and enjoyable.

Mariposa Fair Program 2016

Every year Mariposa has hosted the Mariposa fair since 1939. For 2016 I had the privelege to create the official Fair Program publication. Over 3600 programs are printed and distributed as an insert in the Mariposa Gazette Newspaper, as well as placed around town at different business locations and distributed at the fair. It was a very personal project, in being able to work with all the local businesses on ads as well as seeing the whole community involved in this annual event and to produce something so close to the heart of the community.