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RSVP Events & Design /

Personally 2 types of fields I really enjoy designing for 1. fashion & 2. Weddings. I loved designing this site and logo/identity for Lauren. She is a very outside the box, passionate, and driven woman and business person. Altho laid back in our communication, her work shows for her dedication and skills she pours into her brides and for their special day. It meant a lot to not only make her a website, but for her to trust me to represent her as another fellow designer.

Quixotic Flowers /

I have to say by far Oriana Maki has been one of my favorite and longest clients I have ever had the greatest joy to work with and for. This girl radiates energy and creativity and also had the great pleasure of her designing very unique floral arrangements for my own wedding. She is incredibly talented and watched her grow for over 9 years. I originally designed her first website and just this last year got to do a complete revamp and give her a new fresh look. Her style is very quarky mixed with classy mixed with raw, and it definitely didn't hurt her working for Anthropologie over the last past years to just flourish and bring her talents to the table. Her website was just refreshing to design!

Yosemite's Rest /

Enjoyed building this website too as it's very close to home! Got to work for my parents in kickstarting up their Airbnb Rental. Designed their logo, their promo material and website. Enjoyed especially make them a page of all the best local hangouts in my hometown and giving credit to quality people who make Mariposa such a quaint yet special place.


Rauch Ranch & Winery /

Mike & Lesli Rauch are some of the hardest working people I have ever met. They work from early morning till the sun goes down 24/7. It was such a privelege to design a website for them, as they are not only exceptional people, and business owners, but produce in my opinion one of the best wines anywhere in the foothills. Their work and business is not a hobby, or even a job, but an overflow of themselves and their dedication to their work. Designing for them was not a challange, as it was more of a joy to create something simply that just magnified and visualized them and their product. If you are ever in Mariposa, I would highly encourage to drive down Ben Hur road and stop in to see their beautiful property and ranch, and to epsecially taste their wine.


Sage Yoga Center /

Debbie Bowen Counseling /

Debbie Bowen is not only a licensed therapist that does counseling and massage therapy, but also is the owner of a beautiful business and studio called Sage Yoga Center. I had the privelege of meeting Debbie in Abilene, Texas just recently and she wanted both her counseling and yoga websites to be completely redone and freshened up. She has been and was such a pleasure through this process to work with as I learned her clean and simplistic style. She is a wealth of knowledge and provides very holistic approaches to healing, so I really wanted to create a very organic and natural looking sight that represented all that she is and brings through her counseling and yoga.

The Sage Yoga Center was started not just for the practice of yoga, but as a center where people could come to get healing in multiple ways: Counseling, Massage Therapy and provide even trauma workshops that would marry both yoga and counseling. Debbie provides a well balance wholeness through mind, body and spirit in her center. Creating her website for yoga, one of the majoy things she wanted to express was no limitations of age, or gender or circumstances, to provide a place that is welcoming and allows people to come in and be.

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